Camera Operations

John Rossetti is fully equipped for DigiBeta, Beta SX, Beta SP, DVCam, Mini DV, and Arri 16mm, with Sound and Lighting Equipment to match and now VariCam HD

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Experienced in Drama, Documentaries and News, SD & HD
[Bullet] Able to direct all types lighting setups
[Bullet] Ready to travel Worldwide
[Bullet] Transit 190D with Crew Cab and Secure Storage available & 2 camera flyaway

The quality and time taken to download on the internet does not do justice to his work, if you would like to see some examples, please call the office 01753 65 33 97

Some frame grabs taken from tapes as Lighting Cameraman / DOP

Lloyds of london HDTV Corporate Video for Tiger Productions

An Gof Still "An Gof" (the battle) production for Carlton

An Gof Pic2 "An Gof" (the blacksmiths) production for Carlton

Tim Pic Celtic Art, series for Carlton

BBC Pic Eclipse for BBC

Celtic Roots for Westcountry

Techno Pic Techno Lighting for Carlton

Tristan & Isolt for Carlton

Tristan Pic Tristan (nominated for Celtic Film Festival)

CBS 1 Victoria Victoria for CBS

Mermaid of Zennor for Carlton

Russel Pic Russell Grants "All Star Show" for Granada

Leo Pic "Leo" for Granada, and yes, I really did get that close,

Specialist Lighting Design

192 in Windsor A crane mounted remotely steerable 124Kw Light first used on Dr Jekle and Mr Hyde. DOP Norman Langley BSC

BlueScreen Pic Blue screen systems (007 Stage Pinewood)

Showreels available upon request


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